Making holes in walls

A very simple question - but I have no experience of doing this ever. I
need to create a 4" diameter hole in an outside block built cavity wall for
a ventilation outlet. What is the best way to do this? Is there something
I can hire that would make it very quick and easy?
Also I need to cit a similar hole in a plasterboard ceiling - I presume this
is dead easy - best to use a jigsaw?
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Keith Dunbar
In article , Keith Dunbar scribeth thus
Yep hole cutter and SDS drill on hire for your .. well local hire outfit:)
Take it slowly and let the drill go at its own speed and make certain that you have the drill level in all planes otherwise the hole will be skewed and its a bu**er to put that right. When you have that around you can do the ceiling or as you say use a jigsaw...
Makes a very neat job of it:)
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tony sayer
Either hire a core drill or stitch-drill a ring of holes and then use a hammer and bolster.
Use a small handsaw, it's more controllable in plasterboard than an (electric) jigsaw
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A bolster? My bolster is about 4" across. You need a 1" or 1/2" cold chisel once you've finised with the stitching.
Again, I don't think that's the right choice of tool. If you have a hand padsaw then yes, but I certainly wouldn't want to cut a 4" hole with even my smallest handsaw (which is a small dovetail saw).
To the OP: I'd use the electric drill, but if you can get at the plasterboard from above, it will be MUCH easier!
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Martin Bonner
A core drill is the usual way. Although for a one off you may find chain drilling a ring of small holes round the perimeter of the big hole, and knocking out the middle bit with a cold chisel acceptable.
For lots of them, use a holesaw or tank cutter on a drill. For one, draw a line and use a drywall saw (these are sharp and pointy with coarse teeth - you can plunge them through plasterboard and just saw round the line)
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John Rumm
On Tue, 22 Jan 2008 03:15:20 -0800 (PST) Martin Bonner wrote :
I disclaim all IP rights to the following idea: two tubular members (ally or heavy plastic) threaded together: loosen, insert bayonet end jigsaw blade and tighten. Just the thing for socket holes etc in plasterboard.
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Tony Bryer
On Tue, 22 Jan 2008 13:29:49 +0000 John Rumm wrote :
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's the sort of thing, save that my idea just uses standard jigsaw blades
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Tony Bryer
Probably better than my occasional bodge using a Stanley Knife saw blade (sic) - eg
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Does save space though; and dirt cheap if you already have the knfie.
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