How do you get rid of bed bugs?

There are no DIY solutions for bed bugs. Most of the off the shelf items sold in stores today contain a repellant. Some work when directly applied to a bed bug. Most just cause the bed bugs to move to other areas with in the living area.
Before you hire a professional for a bed bug remediation. Ask for references and get a complete step by step explanation of the process in detail. Understand to commitment by each party to solve the problem,understand the time frame to solve the problem.
One of the biggest challenges for anyone in the Bed bug remediation business is content management. That is your personal items. How will they handle eliminating the eggs,nymphs and adult bed bugs in or on your personal belongings.
There are a lot of Pest Control Companies in the bed bug remediation business. Few are experts in the area. Please make sure you take the time to find a bed bug specialist that can solve your problem.
Wm Curry
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My apartment is infested with them and a professional exterminator quoted me $1200.00 for a 2 bed room apt. I am trying to find other DIY solutions as I cant afford that fee.
Any suggestions? Thanks.
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I beg to differ, although it is a ton of hard work and irritating as heck. My sister noticed bites o. My niece and nephew following a trip to Cancun, 4 months later she figured out it was bedbugs . At 4 months the problem was in every bedroom, being with limited resources after hours of research and trying a ton of other crap. . .I bought her a 140 dollar professional steamer from harbor freight. ...high temp kills. We did all of the beds the couches ...(no carpet thankfully} washed all the lining and clothes in one fell swoop at laundromat, I then took almost all of her clothing to my house. She kept what was needed for 6 days. Bug life cycle on day 6 we steamed the crap out of everything again...every joint baseboard. Bed couch...everything...washed the 6 days clothesi think we could have stopped there....but we waited 6 days and did it one more time. Eradicated.
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