1st time plastering advice - skim coat

I've been giving my internal garage brick walls a makeover to get the
smooth for white emulsion. Having got the bonding coat on to
reasonably level surface, I have tried to get as flat a finish with th
skim coat (thistle multifinish) as I can. Anyway, while the finish i
generally OK, I havn't been able to get a perfectly flat surface.
seemed to get the best finish by putting it on really thin (probably m
fault by adding too much water) & spreading it out as consistently a
possible. Once it is more or less on the wall, how should I b
trowelling it to get it really flat? Seem to have some high/low spot
that I just ended up pushing around. Any tips for using the trowel.
did leave some time before playing with it to let it go off
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You put the multifinish on in two coats. One directly after the other. Then you go over it with your trowel. Leave it for about 10 minutes and go over it again, repeat several times.
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Thats the skill ! If skimming bonding coat, usually 2 coats of skim, first fills in the bubbles etc in the bonding, 2nd the final skim. Master plasterers have a good sense of "flat" that is partly the feel of the trowel etc. If you are pushing around high / low spots you may be pressing too hard or at the wrong angle (need it nearly flat so you are pushing inward and upward), or it may not be set enough (show be like clay that can be "moulded"). However, folks always say regarding the first application, "just get it on roughly". Whilst this is true, if it is too far off at this stage (e.g. going from thick to thin) you really don't have much chance of fixing this later. The first application still needs to be fairly flat, just don't worry about ridges and pits etc. It takes a lot of practice to get a result good enough for painting. I was improving, but did not have the time to practice, so I still get a plasterer in. Simon.
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In article , Pufter writes:
Do a google search back through this newsgroup. I and others have posted detailed articles on how to plaster. e.g.
formatting link
?hl=en&lnk=st&q=#61393847a2abfdcbThere are more...
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