Garage Roof

My garage roof is made from that fibre board/cement board stuff (sorry I
don't know the correct term but you know what I mean)
A couple of the panels have now cracked.
Is there a way to repair these.
I did think of filling the crack with some sort of silicon or sealer both
from the outside and inside.What type of sealer should I use?
Is there a better way to repair these.
I am planning on replacing these panels when (if) the better weather comes
but hopefully can just repair for the time being.
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My son's garage had a roof leak and as it was asbestos and winter we did not want to do anything at that time. We got a large sheet of polythene from B & Q and after stretching it over the roof held it down with battens. That gave us a dry garage until we did the permanent job.
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Stewart presented the following explanation :
That would work on the upper end of a sloping asbestos roof, but if it were at the lower end he would need to cover it top to bottom.
Can I suggest...
Get some of that frame sealant in a tube and a gun. Give the area a good clean down, but without disturbing the asbestos for obvious reasons. Allow to dry out, then apply the sealant into the raw edges and plenty on top.
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Harry Bloomfield
On Wed, 30 Jan 2008 20:38:56 GMT, "KinRsole" wrote:
I would use car body filler. To stop the crack you drill a largish hole right at the end of the crack. That knackers it as it can't find it's way any further.
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On Wed, 30 Jan 2008 21:44:59 -0000, "Stewart" wrote:
My garage has a similar corrugated roof, but how do I tell if it's asbestos or cement fibre board? The garage is in a block built around the early 60's, with pre cast concrete/stone rendered sections for the sides. I think Marley made them.
I've just scraped all the moss off mine and noticed a few cracks, so will need to sort it out when the weather improves.
Thanks, David.
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Drill end end of the crack to stop it spreading definitely. I would then paint the area with liquid rubber ensuring that it goes well into the crack. Of course this does not produce an attractive looking roof ! Simon.
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My parents' garage spent a number of years with a crack that had been patched with car body underseal - the really thick stuff almost like tar. Lasted easily until they were ready to re-roof it.
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Steve Walker
The message from Steve Walker contains these words:
I've used that and various other bituminous products on several occasions. With a bit of scrim pressed into it, it makes a very solid repair. Some of the repairs I did that way almost 40 years ago are still holding good -- does that count as "semi-permanent?" :-)
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in the 60s the 2 were the same thing. Its only since the 80s that asbestos fibre reinforced cement board has been replacd with glass fibre reinforced cement board.
Car body filler sounds like the one to me.
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