Cabling across a sash window!

I have a wooden sash window that opens outwards. Within the sash
window I have Smart Glass that needs electric current applied to it in
order to activate.
I need a way of getting power across the window frame into the sash
window to activate the smart glass. Mindful that the sash window will
be opened and closed on a regular basis. Simply running a cable thru
the wooden window frame into the sash will not work as the cable is
likely to damaged with continuing opening and closing of the window.
Hope one of you guys can help out.
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On Wed, 30 Jan 2008 21:20:00 UTC, "S.O.T" wrote:
If it's a sash window and it opens outwards, it's broken!
I assume you mean a *casement* (opens like a door).
Look at the stuff used to get connections onto doors, e.g. for burglar alarrms. Two small plastic blocks with a flexible cable running between them.
For example:
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Bob Eager
Simply running a cable thru
With an AC power supply, you could site two coils aligned with each other, one on the frame - the other on the window. Inductive coupling, no wires!
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Adrian C
Erm, not really - it's called a casement sash and if it opens out then it really isn't broken - unless of course it should be a fixed sash or meant to open inwards!
Sashes are sashes whether on casement windows (sashes on hinges) or cased windows (sashes sliding vertically using cords and weights to control the movement).
The "casement" really refers to the whole window (including sashes) - hence casement window.
Just being a little more pedantic!
Good night
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I sure can:
Smart glass is a pile of shit. It was invented, not to save heat or energy, and not to deflect light nor harmful rays, but mainly to seperate morons from their cash and it almost always works in this respect, but not much differently from any other glass in any of the other respects.
Pilkingtons are one of the worlds largest glass producers, do you really think a small backstreet firm from the back of beyond are going to make a pile of cash from glass and Pilks are going to sit idly by and let them? - they are global, they sell more glass globaly than any other. If this shit worked, they would be on it faster than a slapper on a premiership footballer - they've even gone 'all-in' on 'self-cleaning' glass and we all know that's a crock, but at least it's more believable than smart glass.
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Phil L
Begging your pardon but surely it works in a *hugely* different way to other glass.
How long have you worked for Pilkington? ;-)
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Tim Downie
You forgot to mention what voltage & current, and whether its needed when window open as well. These will affect your options.
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Given that the OP needs to get power to his glass, I suspect he is referring to this kind of Smart Glass...
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rather than whatever it is you are having a rant about :)
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The OP said "sash window" not "window sash". Many windows have sashes without being sash windows.
Maybe you are trying too hard at that?
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Yes, that's the 'self cleaning' garbage they've come up with, it doesn't need plugging in though
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Phil L
Yes, it needs electricity, and like any other gimmick, it will die on it's arse.
I don't actually like Pilks, they've been a PITA in the town I live in for almost a hundred years
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Phil L
If you had read my post properly you would have realised that I was not actually replying to the OP.
Also I was specifically refering to an "EJMA" type window and using a cased window as an example - but any window that has a sash fitted into it (either fixed, opening or sliding) is technically a sash window - now if you are talking of windows where the pane of glass or panel sits directly into a rebate or planted stops on the frame, then you are correct, that's not a sash window.
Could you now educate us and elucidate on your: "Many windows have sashes without being sash windows" and give us the types - and also a definition of a sash as fitted into a window or combination door frame?
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I read your post properly thanks Mr BRG, and I seem to recall you were criticising someone's comments on the OP's use of "sash window", not someone's comments on the OP's use of "window sash".
I take it back, you don't have to try at all.
If a sash window is a window with a sash, is an engine car any old car with an engine? Or a television personality, a television's character? Etc.
A sash window is a box sash window to everyone and their dog, and the dog's dictionary. Even a Yorkshire sash needs its qualifier. And a casement can get lost. It isn't a sash window at all, it just has a part called a sash, it might have a tenon or two but it isn't a tenon window, it might have some draught stripping but it... etc.
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