Where to buy Fernox?

... Needs flushing, then one of the anti-corrosives.
(Not for any problem, it's just I have a shiny new tank and pump, and
you should have seen the crud in the old pump!)
- F3 to clean it out?
- Which treatment?
Pretty old boiler, Glowworm fuelsaver F.
Local merchants all seem to want 25 quid a go, which isn't funny.
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Andy Champ
Just done the same thing - Screwfix are much cheaper, even if you have to pay ther postage
Charles F
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If it helps, and you're near Leeds/Bradford, I've got a spare 4 litres of Fernox MB-1 here that you can have for £15.
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In message , Andy Champ writes
Whilst I'd also do my best to get it cheaper, in the scheme of things GBP25 isn't much compared to the potential costs of not using it.
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I see no point in wasting money. If the locals had it reasonably close to an on-line price they'd get my trade. They don't even have to match it, just get close - I understand that they have overheads, and provide a service, that internet traders don't.
Not buying it is not an option!
BTW - F1 or MB1?
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Andy Champ

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