Adhesive edging for a laminate worktop

I have had to reduce the length of a bedroom white laminate 'worktop'
by sawing it through. I want to cover the exposed sawn end which is
3mm thick. I have heard that it is possible to either glue or iron on
a flexible tape, but I cannot find any at B & Q. Can anyone advise me
what I need to ask for and where I can purchase it?
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Presumably you mean 3 cm?!
Have a read of the thread "Worktop edging" which started earlier today. If you ask for worktop edging strip that should get you what you want. Normally it's sold in ~600mm strips together with lengths of worktop (I've bought that myself at B&Q), and you may well have some difficulty finding it alone.
However, kitchen and bathroom suppliers ought to carry it - eg MFI? On the plus side, be glad it's white and not some esoteric pattern from the 1980s!
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