OT: Some facts on European cars in the USA

http://www.politifact.com/truth-o-meter/statements/2018/jul/02/donald-trump /donald-trump-wrong-mercedes-bmw-import-cars-us-mil/
Trump is spewing that MB and BMW ship cars into the USA by the millions!
"The European Union … they send us Mercedes, they send us -- by the millions -- the BMWs -- cars by the millions," Trump said."
"according to the Center for Automotive Research, BMW made 371,000 cars in the United States in 2017, exported 272,000 of these, sold the remaining 99 ,000 U.S.-built cars in the U.S. market, and imported roughly 255,000 cars for U.S. buyers in 2017."
So, BMW actually EXPORTED more cars that they built here in the US than the y imported! And the 371,000 cars built here provided how many jobs, how much tax revenue, how much GDP? So, again, why is Trump attacking BMW? Why is he attacking Canada when we have a trade SURPLUS with Canada? Obviously he's a grade A moron who is clueless and just spouting dangerous jingoist BS. The only question is how much more damage he will do.
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