Help! (Iinstalling a ligh

S > Hello, sad to say...but I just had my first experience with installing a S > light fixture. : )
We all began someplace!
S > I did a bit of reading up on the topic, bought myself a tester and so on.
S > was expecting to find a white wire and a black wire. However...when I took S > off the existing fixture (nothing more than a simple piece of metal with a S > bulb), I noticed that there was a white wire coming down from the ceiling S > that was twisted on to the white wire belonging to the fixture (expected), S > however..instead of a black wire attached to the fixture, there was a singl
S > red wire coming down from the ceiling and screwed into the fixture itself S > (no 2nd red wire).
Electrons are colour-blind; the colours are there to help us figure out what's what. As the original fixture worked correctly there is no need to use a different wiring configuration. Continue to use the red and white leads. (The red wire is an "alternate black" and goes to the black lead of your fixture.)
Why the circuit breaker tripped after a half-hour needs to be found. Can we assume the new light bulb's wattage is the same as in the original fixture? If old was a single 25W bulb and new a 100W bulb it is possible the load on the circuit breaker was right at the tripping point before.
Can we also assume the light bulb did not fail (burn out)? Sometimes when a bulb dies it will allow a large amount of current to flow for a split-second.
What is more than likely is when you installed the new fixture you accidently pulled on a wire and nicked the insulation. As things heated up ever so slightly because the fixture was on the wire shifted or otherwise came in close contact with either the metal box or another wire.
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