Got up this morning to terrible weather, rain, whipping winds, looked
like a mini-hurricane. Here it 3:20 pm, bright sunshine, blue skies, no
wind, 71F. What the? Only got one tenth of one percent rain. That's not
enough for a garden.
We harvested a fairly large cabbage yesterday, have two large
cauliflower heads ready and a twofer, a cauliflower with two heads, one
large, one smaller. Beets are getting large so will have to pickle
and/or freeze stuff pretty quick. The kumquat tree had all but two fruit
picked today, still about five green ones on the tree. Leaves are
falling from the pear tree so will prune the rain limbs tomorrow if we
have good weather again.
We have one eight by four bed that is nothing but lettuce, about six
different varieties, looking good and ready for salads and wraps. Alas,
our old pepper plant and the younger ones are all gone as are the tomatoes.
We're dog sitting our daughters Chi weenie, a cross between a dachshund
and a chihuahua, she's old and has to go a lot so I'm opening and
closing the back door frequently as she can't go through our larger dog
door. She misses her boss lady too. Daughter is in Memphis for her FIL's
funeral tomorrow.
I think I shall walk both dogs down to the postal box after a bit.
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George Shirley
sorry to hear about the pepper plant, but it can be replaced easily enough once the warmer weather is back to stay.
also sorry to hear about FIL's passing...
the weather went from plenty of rain and warmer to foggy and now there is snow and blowing so back to the colder actual winter again. how it should be...
someone hit the ditch at the corner pretty hard yesterday. firetrucks, police, ambulance, i don't know how bad though as i didn't see or hear it until later. i had some music playing.
nothing much going on outside other than i walked around and looked at a few chewed on areas to see if the deer actually did eat the radishes they were avoiding all summer/fall. yep, gnawed to the ground level. good thing those roots go down a ways, but i don't expect them to grow back anyways. they were all meant to be worm food. that they are going that route via the back end of a deer doesn't bother me much at all.
hope the family and doggies are doing well today. :)
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Got up to 41F this morning, a shock from yesterday's 70+. Weather heads say we will have lows of around 30F this week. Since all the spring stuff is dead and composted I'm not going to worry much. Looks like time to harvest the fall crops that are ready. I may be pickling beets soon, I really don't care for cooked beets at a meal but do like the pickled ones. Turnips don't sit well with me so we don't grow them anymore even if spousal unit likes them or not. Small garden so we have to argue over what to grow.
Our first house set on 10 acres and we planted all kinds of stuff. Rich soil with eons of leaves falling on it until it was cleared. Throw a seed on the ground and jump back. At my age now I'm glad we have a small lot and a healthy wife.
The guest dog is settling in well, Tilly doesn't like the fact that Peanut gets up on my lap so she turns her head away so she doesn't have to see her. Poor ol' Peanut misses her folks, a car drives by and she goes to the front door in hope. They should be back soon and she will be happy again. She's eleven years old now and sleeps a lot, dogs give a lot of love but don't often live long. Daughter's last cat lived to be 22 years old and went outside, laid down and died. Didn't even leave a mess behind. I'm a dog person, cats give me the heeby jebbies for some reason, maybe it's that evil stare, like I'm going to eat you one day. Had cats in the country but they lived in the barn, that's a useful cat, don't even have to feed them until all the rats and mice are eaten up.
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George Shirley

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