Looks like we're going to get a few days of rain starting today. The
rain will be good for our gardens as we have had some sporadic light
rains this spring. Temperatures are warming almost daily and the spring
garden is doing well so far.
We're harvesting the fall garden daily, lots of good sized carrots,
beets are done as are most of the fall plantings. Still have lots of
very tasty lettuces and other greens and we've been eating them daily.
Tilly Dawg can't understand why we're eating something that's not meat,
she's tried a taste or two of greens and just makes a face and goes off
The kumquat tree has been fertilized and today I will fertilize the fig
and the pear trees. Local ag agent says it's time so will do it if I
don't get rained on to much. I hope that sprinkling small amounts of the
proper fertilizer will give us a bigger fruit harvest later on.
Will also get out between rain clouds and use the fertilizer slinger to
spread gypsum again. I do that every other year as the gypsum helps to
dissolve the clay under our lawn and gardens. We don't usually fertilize
the lawn as it grows wild anyway so we just mow once a week. Doesn't
take more than an hour to mow and trim as we have a very small lot.
Getting to old to live on a big property anymore without having to hire
someone to do the job.
Dear wife catches up to me in age every May, she will hit 77 this year
and I will, hopefully, hit 78 in September. I've finally hit geezer
time, got my handicap license plates two weeks ago. I was totally
surprised that getting those plates cost me fifty cents, thought it
would be a lot more than that. Now I don't have to hang the handicap tag
on the mirror anymore.
We harvested the last of the leeks and the big green onions, both are
tasty and we have chopped and vacuum bagged several bags for later use
in soups, gumbos, and other such dishes. Beats buying onions as our soil
is not good for bulbing onions.
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George Shirley
We're looking at near-freezing tonight and Monday and hard freezes tomorrow , Sunday , and Tuesday . I sure wish Mother Nature would get her together . It's been warm enough here for all the early fruit trees to blossom , my peach is starting to leaf out , the redbuds and a lot of other stuff out in the woods is blooming . This is not good for the bees ... they're already in expansion mode for the spring flow , which may be messed up now .
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Terry Coombs
That's why we stay in this part of Texas, freezing is not something we like. The fig tree looks to be ready to start making figs, the pear tree has just barely started to put on new leaves, and the kumquat has replaced all the frozen leaves already. Should be blooming to before long and the pear tree needs to start soon.
The fruit trees have had about three years of growth so I'm giving them a little fertilizer this spring. Will be fertilizing the pear and the fig as the kumquat got it's very small amount. I want the roots to get busy and dig a little deeper and farther out from the trunks. Will get around to fertilizing the grass in the front yard before long too. That's all the goodies they get in a year.
Now I've got another problem, whomever built this house used cheap half inch pine to separate the concrete on the driveway. I'm going to be putting in either plastic or cedar to replace the crappy pine there. Not a big job but it appears that the builder of this house and several others just like it in this subdivision did sloppy work. Some of us might want to sue the builder but he's already gone bankrupt so that's not in our future.
Otherwise the world for us is pretty good, grocery store nearby, doctors and dentist's just down the road a little bit, our kids, grands, and great grands come by frequently and we know where they live and when they make dinner.
George expecting some more rain tonight or tomorrow
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George Shirley
Ow , dammit , quit rubbing !
This is the 3rd year for our trees , I fed 'em a little last year . I'll be feeding them more this year . Except for the North Star dwarf cherry , that's 2 trees now , both died . I may try a different pie cherry , got 2 sweet cherries but prefer a pie cherry for , well pies ad cobblers .
Have you considered redwood ?
Town's 11 miles away for us , I try to combine trips . Yesterday the wife had an early (fasting) Dr app't , so while she was there I picked up some onion sets and a sparky plug for the tiller (still dead) . Then took her to breakfast at the local eatery then on to the local small-chain-market for their meat sale . Ribeyes cut and packaged to order for under $4 a pound (but you hadda buy the whole strip - mine was 20 lbs) ... and similar deals on other stuff . We keep our freezer stocked with their sales ... -- Snag
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Terry Coombs
In article ,
It's only her fault if you're into the denial of science. Global warming leads to erratic weather, not "warmer" weather (other than the average.) Erratic weather is both warmer and colder than average, erratically, with a sight edge to warmer that makes the average move. It's the instability that makes growing food hard, not the shift in the average.
But enough people are ignorant dupes of Russian and GOP propaganda that at least one country will be going backwards as fast as possible, and if Mother Nature chooses to kill us off, well, that is her usual manner with troublemakers. When she gets her together we'll all be fertilizer and food for the cockroaches that will inherit the earth.
Was 60 a few days ago, teens now, Crap-ton of snow due on Tuesday (bare ground right now) and if I get any fruit at all this year, it will be a surprise. Last year was a complete washout from 80's in March and freezes in April. The freezes in April are not the problem - our last frost date is in May. It's the too warm, too early that kills things. We're also starting to see tornados, which used to be quite unheard of in this area.
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On Fri, 10 Mar 2017 06:50:50 -0600, George Shirley wrote:
Hello George, Great sounding garden and weather report. Here's the weather for our section of the planet, copied and pasted right from the weatherman's website. Temperatures of course are in Celsius:
Today - Local blowing snow this afternoon. Local amount 2 cm. Wind becoming northwest 30 km/h gusting to 50 this morning. High minus 5. Tonight - Mainly cloudy with 40 percent chance of flurries. Wind northwest 30 km/h gusting to 50 becoming light late this evening. Low minus 13. Sun, 12 Mar - A mix of sun and cloud. Wind becoming northwest 20 km/h in the morning. High minus 5. Night Cloudy periods. Low minus 14. Mon, 13 Mar Cloudy with 40 percent chance of snow. High minus 5. Night Cloudy with 60 percent chance of snow. Low minus 7. Tue, 14 Mar Cloudy with 40 percent chance of snow. Blowing snow. Windy. High minus 5. Night Cloudy with 30 percent chance of flurries. Low minus 9.
Our short garden report: Gerry started half a dozen different varieties of onion and some leeks in trays last weekend. Many of them are already up.
As far as age goes, Gerry says she's only 57, that's because she reverses the actual numbers. Unfortunately, using that system, next month she's going to be 10 years older. Using her same system, I'll only be turning 38 later this year :). I do feel a lot older than 38! Ross. Southern Ontario, Canada
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I hope my 77 years gets me up to more, most of the men in family died very early, or in their sixties. Dad made it to 71 and his brother next to him lived to be 91. He was blind and deaf from 80 until he passed. Most of my male family go much earlier, great grandad at about 24, grandad at 51, most of us go by heart attack and/or diabetic problems.
I'm now driving with a handicap plate, got it last week as the doc says get rid of the placards. Right leg and arm are still slowly wearing down and are smaller than the left side. Mostly strokes got me plus a couple of heart attacks and diabetes. Thank you modern medicine.
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George Shirley

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