Hard freeze

Here it is at 0630 and the thermometer is showing 21F and I will be out
there at sunrise checking the garden and also taking a look at the
faucets I forgot to cover last night. Getting old and senile is slightly
better than being in the ground.
I suspect some of the fruit trees, like the kumquat and the pear, will
now lose their leaves. They need pruning anyway so guess that's not a
problem. I am hoping the fall garden will make it through the freeze.
First time to have a hard freeze since we moved back to Texas in 2012
and I'm not really fond of coldness. Especially when it's 24F and
overcast from what I can see in the dark out there. Dog went out to do
her business and did it very quick.
This is the first hard freeze we've had since we moved back to Texas.
Actually this is the first freeze of any kind here in the last five
years. I do despise cold weather, I turn into a really old 77 year old
man when I'm cold. All my joints are hurting and I walk like I'm 100
years old. Been worked hard and put up cold to many times for this
George and Tilly Dawg, Boss lady is still snoring.
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George Shirley
It's 6? here , and Maxie-poo* and I had to swap in a new lpg bottle on the cookstove first thing this morning so the Mrs could heat water for tea ... there's about 3" of snow on the ground and the roads are covered with ice .
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Terry Coombs
i think we're around 10-12F now. i won't be going outside. today will be a day of napping, reading and maybe a few small projects.
why haven't they invented doggie toilets yet?
i feel it some days too, especially in the broken spots. keep warm and enjoy your day George. :)
going back to sleep is an option here at the moment. still early enough.
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On Sat, 7 Jan 2017 06:47:19 -0600, George Shirley wrote:
Here at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in NC it is 28°F. We have about 6" of snow and still coming down. No way we are going to check anything. Most of it is buried. I went out yesterday and cut some rosemary for a dish I am planning for today. Good thing I did!
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The Cook
I'm sure glad I'm not where you are. Propane, my folks were on butane, then propane for about thirty years with a natural gas pipeline just outside their property. After thirty years on propane the gas company finally figured out that the small community my folks were in could actually be customers. Go figure.
We just passed 32F a couple of hours, tomorrow the temps will be back in the forties and fifties. Weird weather for us.
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George Shirley
See, at least in SE Texas we can expect warm weather the day after a freeze. I'm a native Texican and finally saw snow the first time when I was eighteen and in the Navy. I thought it was great fun until I went aboard a ship in Newport way up north. Then the ship sailed off to patrol the Northern Arctic ice field. I darn near froze to death just seeing that much ice and snow.
Now at my age my joints, from my neck through my back, both hands, both knees and both ankles are popping and jumping. Dear wife wanted to know what that "popping" noise was and I showed her. Even the dawg was looking around for awhile.
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George Shirley

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