hard freeze Thurs

Hard freeze predicted for Thursday night (30F). So
everything gets picked Wednesday.
The zukes have already started to give it up about two
weeks ago, so this will put them out for good.
The yellow cherries FINALLY ripened this week. Won't
be planting them again next year. Take too long to
Also time to plant my garlic.
And the cycle starts over again. I have next years
garden already planned out.
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Where are you that you're getting a hard freeze already? Here in the Baltimore area, we have two more days in the upper 70's, then the Thursday thunderstorms bring in the fall weather with high temps in the mid 60's.
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we have patchy frost in the forecast for later this week for the first time.
it's not abnormally late or early. later is always nicer for those bean plants still trying to give me beans to pick or dry beans to save.
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T wrote:
just some cool nights coming now and a chance of frost but nothing certain yet. we'll see...
another week would be nice, but i don't know that we'll get it.
have to pick any beans that might be ready if it will actually get cold enough to frost damage them.
tomato plants got pulled out yesterday.
as in the tree/bush fruit or tomatoes?
yes, that's a good time to do it.
i'm always thinking of what might be happening next. :)
cheers, way too busy these days...
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Same here except that my gardening year usually begins in late September or in October?depending on arrival of cooling temps. Somewwhaat delayed this year by my inability to regain control of my left side extremities as well of by balance well enough actually to walk a signifant distance.
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hang in there Derald,
hard frosts almost every night this week with the clear night skies. about 10F below normal, but at least no rains for now so i can get things done.
been working on putting up gardens and then took a detour through the fenced strawberry patch. raising up the low part and lowering the high part so that should make life easier in the future to have them fairly level. in order to do that i had to mostly dig out the low part yet another time and then move dirt in from the neighboring high strawberry hill and then put the top back on and then transplant. rains due this weekend and i hope so. carrying water isn't much fun with the hoses put up for the winter already.
otherwise, back to putting up gardens as soon as this side- show gets done (a few more hours i hope - i.e. today/tomorrow). i can only do a few hours a day as it is here, leg and arm still healing.
we do what we can, when we can, that's gotta be my motto because nothing else really works. :)
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i did get the last of the strawberry patch done on Thursday, i was hoping for a day off Friday to give my leg some time to recover, but i was dragged (kicking and screaming i might add as a joke, but it wasn't that bad) to work on a garden out front. harvesting very old decayed wood chips that had turned into perfect dark brown humus. we took that out back and i have it in a nice spot for using next spring.
the rains came along Saturday night and most of today so those strawberries are getting a nice shot of watering in and i don't have to haul water back there. *whew!* :)
not the best weather forecast all week, not sure how much i'll get outside.
i have about 20lbs of beans to sort through looking for new crosses and anything interesting along with figuring out which of 56 piles they might go in.
it's a good thing i did segregate most of them in such a way as it should not be all that bad. it's hard for me to resist doing it now but i'm trying to hold off until i get into the thicker part of winter. or should i say thinner?
yeah, same here, i hug Mom as much as i can.
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