Scallions (green onions) question

Hi All,
I am putting together my layout for next year's garden.
I am thinking of growing Scallions (green onions) with
the intent of harvesting off the greens for salads.
Can I just harvest the tops?
Will the tops grow back?
Can I just leave the small white bottom in the ground
and will they grow back back year after year?
Do I plant them from seeds or bulbs?
And, do they over winter?
Many thanks,
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T wrote:
I like a variety I got from Kitazawa seeds: Evergreen White Nebuka Japanese bunching onions.
I've got a pot with a batch of these I planted at least six years ago that keeps coming back. Let a few go to seed each year too.
Tasty too.
Nyssa, who only has the vegetables and herbs she grew in pots this year due to the roving local deer population
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T wrote:
I don't see why you can't do either or both. As long as you allow some of them to go to seed each season, you should be good to go.
Nyssa, who has a humongous task of clearing out the weed garden before it gets too cold to work outside
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T wrote:
Usually as little as possible. :)
I used the whole thing, both small bulb and green part, but never using up all of the onions in the pot before they could go to seed and replenish themselves for the next season.
Nyssa, who is suddenly hungry for fried potatoes with green onions
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