Hi All,
I do realize that plant will only uptake minerals from the
soil if the mineral is there to start with.
My mineral content is mainly silicon in the form of rocks.
Not all that useful to the plant.
Is there a such thing as a mineral supplement to be
added to my fertilizer? I am mainly after magnesium.
Many thanks,
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Epsom Salts . A tablespoon worked into the soil you fill around the plant will do just fine . Don't overdo it , a little goes a long way . Have you had your soil tested ? Your county extension agent can do that for FREE ! I took in 3 samples from different areas of my garden late last winter , amended the soil as suggested . Best year ever . Until the F)%^$@I&)squirrels found my tomatoes . I'll be taking samples from the orchard in soon , them trees is languishin' . My wife takes a dim view of a tree that languishes . And I'm tired of hearing her comments about it .
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Terry Coombs
  Well , how about whatever passes for soil that you are growing your stuff in ? Gotta know what it lacks or you're just pissin' upwind .
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Terry Coombs
Oh I know what my dirt is. It is nothing. The guy that graded my property said I am 20 foot down from the top. I am gardening on top of a sediment layer of ancient Lake Lahaton, which accounts for all the round rocks.
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My soil could be from the moon and it is alkali too.
I basically have to make my own soil with peat moss and tons of fertilizer.
No gold nuggets either. Not even any fossils.
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T wrote:
If you have to use lime to raise pH, use dolomite instead, which will provide Mg.
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ian Gay

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