What to do with old tomato vines?

Old tomato vines can harbor disease that can over-winter. I suggest burning them or at least get them away from the garden. Steve
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T wrote:
i always bury them, any organic matter for my soil is better than none.
yes, we have diseases and bugs, but i rotate plant every year so by the time i get back to the garden where i've buried them it's usually ok.
it doesn't matter what i do for late blight. it shows up every year. which is ok. by the time the season is done we have enough tomatoes put up anyways.
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Thank you all!
I usually do not rotate due to all the preparation involved. So I will be tossing them in the trash bin. (I have no compose bin. I bury in place.)
And I remember digging up stuff that have been buried in place for three years, so I do not do that so much anymore. I just fertilize my ass off. That has worked the best. I use an organic chicken scat based dry fertilizer I get from Wally World.
Weird, avacado pits are still popping out of the ground. from three years ago. Took me forever to figure out what they were.
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