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  I saw your post where you said that bean seed looked weird , sprouted
then dried , etc . I have had that seed for a year or two and had never
even opened the envelope - I was surprised at the coloration . I never
really inspected the seed when I planted , just pushed them into the
ground with my thumb . I have just gone thru all my seeds , there's one
envelope of those beans , and I'm certain that there were two , gotten
from different people different years at the seed swap . The seed I
still have looks good , I suspect maybe you got the other package ... I
don't remember which came from where , can't even remember for sure what
all I sent .    The greasy's are over the top of the trellis , kinda
thin but I reckon they'll bush out some . Tomatoes are all beginning to
blossom , got a bunch of the cutest little cucumbers , looks like a good
year .
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Terry Coombs
it is fine, whatever doesn't grow will be replanted eventually with something that will. i'm curious if any of them at all will grow. so we'll see, within a few days i should know something. already have many other beans sprouted.
still planting others. will be for the next few weeks as i get time and energy.
did you see this pic?
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the beans in the foreground are the greasy beans.
glad to hear it. everything planted so far is doing ok. perfect weather this week. i hope i can get things planted before it starts to get too hot again. only three more gardens to plant inside the fenced area and then i can get back to the other gardens and get some more fence up.
we'll see tomatoes starting in mid-August. cucumbers will be a few weeks yet. fresh beans start at about mid- July. strawberries are coming in now - i was worried they were not very good but the recent improvement in sunshine has brought them around.
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  Well , here's hoping you get enough for a few beans to cook and some for seed . I don't know how I'd manage with a growing season as short as yours ... I also have big gaps in my row of those Mattie B. beans but I think there are enough for a good test to see if we like them . Let me know if yours fail , I'll send some fresh seed .
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Terry Coombs
ok, i haven't got my planting map out yet to see what is up and what isn't. if any make it i'll be able to compare them to the Kermit's Smokey Mountain beans which are supposed to be another southern heirloom.
we usually have 100-120 days for frost free growing, so it's not too bad. i'd have liked to have everything planted inside the fence by now, but it will be another few days. already have bean sprouts going from the first few plantings. :)
sunshine and warmth is getting things growing quickly. tomatoes growing quick, saw a few flowers on there and also cucumbers starting to get some blooms.
picked some strawberries today. dang, this harvest isn't very good. the garden i renovated last fall didn't have enough time to get the plants established and that is a complete bust. i'm going to try to get at least one batch of jam made tonight. it might be the only one this season using my own berries. may have to *shudder* buy some to make more jam.
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