Seedling mats

Since I have had problems getting some seeds to germinate , I decided to
try one of the many heat mats . I bought a 10 x 20 , big enough for a 72
cell starter tray .
The instructions say it should be put on some kind of insulation for best
results , so my plan is to place a piece of 1/2" styro foam sheet under it .
This stuff has aluminized mylar on one side , and I'm wondering if placing
it shiny side up might make things too warm . Average temps in the house are
in the mid-70's and RH is usually around 40% so I know I'll need to water
often .
Y'all's experiences with these things will help ...
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Terry Coombs
I have one of those and never put anything under it but used it on a steel shelving unit. Never got to hot for anything but worked well. Our average winter heat is at 70F and, if it gets really cold, 74F.
We have not had a winter until this month for nearly four years, last week we had two days of 21 to 22F and we lost most of our winter garden, beets, cauliflower, etc. We salvaged what we could though.
I would think the mylar would reflect the heat up but probably wouldn't bother a steel or wood shelf. Run it, check it after an hour, and, if necessary, put a layer of aluminum foil under the thing.
We're looking at low seventies again today, thank you Lord, I do hate cold.
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George Shirley

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