tomatoes, onions, beans

since it was looking like we were going to get rained
on again yesterday we picked through the tomatoes to
get those that were mostly ready brought in.
i also finally got the onions out of the garden and
set on the table to dry/cure.
while i was picking the onions the garden also had
some beans that were mostly ready so i picked those.
as i was finishing up it started to rain a bit so it
was time to come in.
it was very hot and humid out there. today's
forecast is 10 degrees cooler and rain. it just
rained a bit as i'm typing this up. we've needed
some rain for a few weeks now so it was good we
got what we did the other day, but now i would like
it to go back to being dry for a week so i can get
all the dry beans picked through while they are
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