scapes question

Hi All,
My bogatyr garlic just scaped. I cut them all of
and they are slated for the dinner table.l
Isn't it a little early for scapes?
And about 1/3 of the leaves are now yellow.
Is it time to harvest?
Many thanks,
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I don't know where you are; my small patch of hardneck garlic hasn't put up scapes yet, but expect them soon.
Sounds a little (not a lot) soon; I'd wait a bit. Perhaps the plants were stressed for some reason. I know a fellow who gets his carrots to bloom for seed by letting not watering- in the Nevada high desert, where the only water they get is what he supplies- then starting water to trigger their "Ohmigod, I'm going to die! Better start the next generation NOW!"
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Gary Woods
T wrote:
yum! i pulled some green garlic the other day and just ate it right there.
it can vary. mine are just starting to get scapes, so it will be a few weeks to a month yet here and since i do let the scapes grow and get bulbules on them i leave them a bit longer than 1/3, but as little as possible since it really does start to affect the quality of the tunic.
i'll have to stop watering them in a few weeks.
so far this year has been about the opposite of the past several years. which is ok but different for sure. a lot of sunshine, things are growin'... :)
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Huh. This years scapez are very woody. Like a garlic flavored toothpick. Will they still cook up?
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