done with planting

other than a few bare spots i'll poke a few seeds into
the gardens are all planted for the season.
just in time for the strawberries to start coming in
enough to keep me busy with those and watering.
this is the list of beans planted (after everything else
went in):
Anasazi (pole) (SP) (2019)
Appaloosa (pole) (V) (2018)
Brown Lima (pole) (N) ()
Cha Kura Kake Soy (edamame) (Z) ()
Dapple Grey (bush, dry) (N) (2019)
Domino Child South Garden (bush, dry) (P) (2019)
Domino Child Light (#2) () (P) (2019)
Domino Child Dark (#3) () (P) (2019)
Early Warwick (bush, dry) (N) (2019)
Etna (bush, dry) (V) (2018-2019)
Fordhook Lima (bush) (G) (2017-2019)
Fortex (pole) (Z) (2019)
Galopka (bush, wax) (NSW) ()
Hidatsa Shield (semi, dry) (N) (2019)
Hopi Lima (pole) (Z) (2019)
Lemon Slice (semi) (P) (2019)
Monster (bush) (P) (2018)
Monster Child South Garden (bush) (P) (2019)
Monster Child Gray Solid () (P) (2019)
Monster Child Dapple Grey () (P) (2019)
Monster Child Half Olive () (P) (2019)
Monster Child Light Half () (P) (2019)
Montville (bush, dry) (N) ()
Nonna Agnes Blue (pole, snap) (N) ()
Painted Pony (bush, dry) (V) (2017)
Pheasant () (P) (2019)
Pisarecka Zlutoluske (bush, dry) (N) (2016)
Purple Dove (bush, snap, dry) (NP) (2019 Early selection)
comparison planting:
Purple Diamond (bush) (N) (2019)
Purple Dove (bush) (N)
Purple Rain (bush) (N) (2016)
Purple Rose (bush) (N) (2016)
Red Ryder (bush, dry) (V) (2019)
Reddish Pere (bush, dry) (P) (2019)
Sacre Bleu (pole) (SS) (2019)
Sieva Lima (pole) (Z) (2017)
Takara Early Adzuki (bush) (GLSS) ()
Tan Goats Eye (bush) (V) (2016)
Top Notch (bush, wax) (N) (2014)
True Red Cranberry (pole) (Z) (2014)
Venda (bush, snap) (N) (2014)
Yellow Eye (semi,dry) (P) (2019)
Yellow Soldier () (P) (2018)
a fair number of these are crosses grown here
or i'm trying to figure out something so aside
from those the rest are beans that will get eaten
as fresh, shellies or dry beans. all good as
far as i'm concerned.
because my intention is to get a lot of crosses
i interplant my desired cross parents together and
then see what Momma Nature does. it is interesting
to me to see what happens... :)
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Have you ever read about Pythagoras' views on beans? (He's the guy with the right triangle theorem from long ago. And he invented the musical scale.) I remembered that from my years as a math major while reading your list of plantings. For the record, I'm pro-bean, so I probably would have been flun ked out of Pythagoras' math class.
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haha! interesting, but remember that in ancient times beans from the new world were not yet overseas. most of what i grow are new world bean varieties.
no, i'd not heard any of that lore before.
strange what people believed but i'm sure in the future they'll say the same of us.
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