this season's bean planting list

my brother thinks i'm nuts. :)
i kept track this year of each garden plot and how many beans of what i planted in each row.
unfortunately, i did not mark each individual planting so in some cases i'm not sure what has survived or not and now i've replanted a few other things in some spots due to lack of germination... but i should be able to keep them apart come harvest time as i do know what should be in each garden and row as long as i don't mix the drying box tops.
this is the list as i know it:
Mystery Bean plus:
- Appaloosa (bush, dry) (O) - Blue Pod (semi, dry) (P) (SMR-2017-BP) - Burgundy Kidney (bush, dry) (N) - Dapple Grey (bush, dry) (N) - Dark Accent (semi?, dry?) (P) (SMR-2017-DA) - Early Warwick (bush, dry) (N) - Etna (bush, dry) (O) - Fordhook Lima (bush) (G) - Fort Portal Jade (semi, dry) (N) - Goats Eye Pinto (semi?, dry?) (P) (SMR-2017-GEP) - Half Brown (semi?,dry?,early?) (P) (SMR-2017-HB) - Half Dark (semi?,dry?,early?) (P) (SMR-2017-HD) - Half Light (semi?,dry?,early?) (P) (SMR-2017-HL) - Half Pinto (early?, bush?) (P) (SMR-2017-HP) - Kermit's Smokey Mountain (pole) (O) - Large Olive (early?) (P) (SMR-2017-LO) - Lavender (early?) (P) (SMR-2017-L) - Mattie Greene (bush) (O) - Meravigllia de Veneza (pole wax) (N) - Montezuma Red (semi, dry) (N) - Munachedda Pale (pole, dry) (N) - Odd Pinto (semi?, dry?) (P) (SMR-2017-OP) - Old Black Coco (semi, dry) (N) - Olive (early?) (P) (SMR-2017-O) - Olive Eye (early?, bush?) (P) (SMR-2017-OE) - Pink Early (semi, dry) (N) - Pink Pinto (early?, bush?) (P) (SMR-2017-PP) - Pink Pinto Long (early?, bush?) (P) (SMR-2017-PPL) - Pinto (semi, dry) (N) - Purple Dove (bush, dry) (N) - Purple Eye (early?, bush?) (P) (SMR-2017-PE) - Red Bollito (pole) (N) - Red Goats Eye (early?) (P) (SMR-2017-RG) - Red Lima (pole) (N) - Red Ryder (semi, dry) (O) (SMR-2017-RR) - Speckeled Stripe Mix (semi?, dry?) (P) (SMR-2017-SSM) - Speckled Dark (early?, bush?) (P) (SMR-2017-SD) - Spotted Brown (early?, bush?) (P) (SMR-2017-SB) - Spotted Yellow Eye (semi, dry) (P) (SMR-2017-SYE) - Steel Purple (early?) (P) (SMR-2017-SP) - Stripe (early?, bush?) (P) (SMR-2017-ST) - Sunset (early?) (P) (SMR-2017-S) - Swedish Brown (bush, dry) (N) - Tan Goats Eye Misfits (semi?, dry?) (P) (SMR-2017-TGEM) - Top Notch (bush, wax) (G) - Two Spot (early?, bush? wax?) (P) (SMR-2017-TS) - Yed (early?, bush?) (P) (SMR-2017-YED) - Yellow (early?) (P) (SMR-2017-Y) - Yellow Eye 1 (semi?,dry?,early?) (P) (SMR-2017-YE-1) - Yellow Eye 2 (semi?,dry?,early?) (P) (SMR-2017-YE-2) - Yellow Eye 3 (semi?,dry?,early?) (P) (SMR-2017-YE-3) - Yellow Eye 4 (semi?,dry?,early?) (P) (SMR-2017-YE-4) - Yellow Eye (semi, dry) (O) (SMR-2017-YE) - Yellow Long (pole, wax) (N) - Yellow Soldier (bush?, wax?) (P) (SMR-2017-YS)
we just had 5 inches of rain today and the lowest garden might be lost. we'll see how it goes the next few days...
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