bean crazy

when i was planting beans i took a little time
to try to sort them out and combine some containers
to reduce the space the collection was taking up.
i haven't finished yet and may not until winter
now, but i figured i'd take a snapshot of the mayhem
in progress:
formatting link

the containers on the bottom shelf are the ones
i have enough of to eat. the rest may be enough
to eat a little to sample for flavor, but usually
i wait until i can plant them out more to get
enough. this year i'm trying to rebuild the lima,
yellow eye and a few others to have enough to cook
some up. the edamame may need a fence to get them
restocked - we'll see if the few plants growing
produce and i get a harvest.
[if you want a more detailed picture you can visit
the bean page and click on the link - i'm trying to do
this sort of set-up for all my pictures so the pages
load quickly enough at first glance but also there's
the option for the more detailed and larger view]
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