Shredding paper

Just finished putting the last weeks newspapers and the odds and ends of
safe papers through the paper cutter for the composter. Being old and
retired it seems to be a little fun just chopping up safe paper.
Every little bit of stuff that will improve our compost seems to help
the gardens. Modern newsprint plus a lot of colorful ads are printed
with clay's and not ink that will cause problems so why not. There's not
enough stuff for composting for two senior citizens (VERY senior). Grass
clippings go in weekly, veggies, etc. that are done anyway in the height
of summer plus kitchen stuff that will compost well.
When you garden in raised beds every little bit of compost helps. In
addition we haven't been getting much rain of late so we're watering
again. It's a good thing I laid in some soaker hose right down the
middle of each four foot wide bed.
We're still harvesting a few tomatoes and many sweet chilies and a few
onions. Green beans did nothing this year and cukes have burned up
already and the other salad fixings did the same. This has been the
strangest weather since we moved here in 2012. Hard freezes, seguing
into high temperatures and little rain.
Gardening is fun when the weather works for you, otherwise you get to
sit and watch your gardens either drown or get burned up. So goes
Southeast Texas. Reckon we will look forward to a better winter crop,
maybe, hope to and cross your fingers.
George, Miz Anne, and Tilly Dawg
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