Indoor blooms

I bought a mini fairy garden fushia that had blooms on it, so I
re-potted it into a bonsai pot and have it indoors in a room with a
skylight that gets about 4 hours of direct sun. I've also added plant
lighting to supplement light for the plants.
The mini fushia kept growing it's blooms and right before it looks like
they are about a day or two from opening they suddenly turn brown and
die. Also, the fushia is putting on brand new blooms, and the new ones
all look like they may actually keep growing until they pop open and
bloom. I'm hoping!
So, does anyone know why the blooms that were on the plant that were
growing well all of a sudden stopped and turned brown? It's kind of
frustrating waiting for blooms to open and then all of a sudden they
don't make it.
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