My New Garden Toy

Hi All,
Do to circumstances beyond my control, I am
relegated to having to water the children at
night more often than I would like to. I have
been wearing a headlight or holding a flashlight
to do such.
Problem: I get swarmed with about 20 to 50 night
flying bugs: moths and the like. Up my nose, in
my ears, in my eyes. Fortunately, not mosquitoes.
So knowing that bugs have a hard time seeing low
frequency light, things towards the read read of
the spectrum, I purchased a sweet red LED flashlight
from Amazon:
formatting link

It takes one AA battery, is machined aluminum, and has
an adjustable lens that goes from a small long range
square to a large round short range circle. It also
has a flashing mode, which is just weird. And, it
is very bright: 200 lumens.
And twice now: zero bugs in my eyes, ears, nose!!!
And the earwigs don't see me coming. Chuckle.
Yellow is the typical call out for bug lights, but red works
better as its frequency it lower.
Folks don't use red on their porch as their neighbors
would misunderstand. One would not want the neighborhood
mothers to hide their children's eyes when they walked
past your house! Or maybe not.
Oh did you guys know bees can see ultra violet and
flowers have ultra violet landing marks on them for
the bees. We can not ever see them.
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