chop chop

was contemplating yesterday morning and sorta PO'd
because i have so much heavy stuff to do but my arm
and knee need a break to heal up. except i'm getting
fed up already with this idea of not doing much. just
too much needs to be done and a lot to keep after.
one of the tasks i really needed to get to was out
in the back NE garden which was getting very full of
weeds, the garlic was starting to get scapes and the
thistles were also starting to get flowers. the
plan before injuries was for me to finish going through
that whole garden and get it back into shape, but
the idea now of digging and twisting my arm and knee
just didn't make sense.
so while thinking i came up with the idea of getting
the mower back there and using it as a weed whacker
because i can raise and lower it without any twisting
of the arm or the knee.
i gave it a try and had most of the area knocked
back again.
Mom has been complaining since last year how bad
it all looked and i was planning on having it back in
shape. she said she wanted to mow it when she had a
chance. so now, she can mow it all she wants until i
can get back to it.
it also keeps it easier to monitor the critters
which use that grown up area to raid into the gardens
next to it.
at least the day wasn't a waste and i got something
some rain today. i'm going to check the radar and
if i can get enough of a break in here to get outside
for a bit. i can at least start taking stock of what
did and didn't germinate of the bean plantings.
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