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Which is better? crawl space or basement cellar?
If one has the available where with all & some time to arrange planning & design of ones new home. Which would be the best option to consider & why? Crawl Space with a clean concrete base & no rubble,...
15 years ago 45
building under stairs
This has always driven me crazy -- is there ANY good way to build an enclosed space under an exterior stair? I've always run into problems with it, because the stairs end up having to act as the roof...
15 years ago
dealing with basement joists that are not level
I'm finishing my basement with 1x3s on the ceiling to attach wallboard. Unfortunately, two of the ceiling joists are about 1/2 inch lower than every other joist. They aren't sagging--they were just...
15 years ago 24
Situation is 3 bedroom home, recently built on concrete piers. Piers are square 12"X12" variety. Closest part of wooden sill to the ground is 18" in the rear of the house to over 3 feet in front of...
15 years ago 6
Shear Walls and Brace Walls? Whats the Difference?
What's the Difference between Brace Walls, Alternate Brace Walls and Shear Walls? Thanks, Scott In a previous post Scott Townsend says... Braced walls and alternate braced wall panels are forms of...
15 years ago 3
cool-crete or cool-deck
I need to pour a 4" slab of decking around a pool and match it to the existing one with cool-crete (or there a difference?) Is cool-crete (cool-deck) a product one can buy, or is it a...
15 years ago 6
Load bearing wall?
Hello, I read the previous posts on this subject so I'll try and be precise as possible. I have a room above a garage that I want to install double french doors. The opening at the moment is 32"...
15 years ago 3
Selection schedule
I had a great selection schedule that I presented to clients when preparing for a construction poject. It had multiple items for selections to be made, and spaces to write in the selections, sizes,...
15 years ago 3
Ceramic tile over linoleum?
Can it be done? Jim Sure. You need a strong inflexible base under tile that is probably not currently the case under this linoleum. Also the adhesive grout used will probably not stick to the linoleum...
15 years ago 18
OT neat little program
This little program makes it a lot easier to read posts from usernet groups. Because you post in plain text and leave many tails in the posts, it is sometimes hard to figure out who posted what. This...
15 years ago 3
HVAC and remodeling kitchen
I am going to remodel my kitchen. Currently there is only one forced air A/C duct in the kitchen in the wall near the floor. This wall will be covered by cabinets as well as all other available...
15 years ago 27
Robo laser torpedo level flaw
I just bought the Porter-Cable laser torpedo level Model "RT-3610-3 Robo Square". Haven't had the chance to use it yet, but a rather critical drawback I see is the on-off switch design. It is a rotary...
15 years ago 3
Trouble running CAT5 cables for my old house?
Dear Experts, How do I run CAT5 cables from the attic to every room of the house without cuting off the walls? If it is impossible, how do I get around with those fire stoppers in between the studs?...
15 years ago 33
FA: Ramset M150 Gas Powered Nailer
Great for shooting straps into steel or concrete, started bidding at $1.00 and no reserve. Located in Mesa, AZ
15 years ago
Looking for a corrugated metal sheets
Hello All, I am looking for a corrugated metal sheet dealer in the San Jose, CA who can provide with me a large quantity of sheets at a low prices. Thanks Find a dealer that sells Pre-Engineered Metal...
15 years ago 6