Parts for old Neff double oven

I am looking at posts from 2004, more than ten years ago, about replacement elements for a Neff double oven model no. GB-1057.73 LHCS and am wondering if anyone knows if parts are still available in 2015.
I have an otherwise very serviceable, but old, oven of this model which I should perhaps replace with a new one but as I might be moving house in the next couple of years, am exploring the possibility of keeping it going for a bit longer. It looks as if the element in the lower oven/grill is faulty. The symptoms are: top oven trips out when lower oven is on at the same time; element in lower oven/grill is glowing strongly at the back. My appliances engineer reckons it can be fixed, but it might be a case of throwing good money after bad. It crosses my mind that the oven might also be unsafe. Any suggestions, anyone?
Thanks, Val
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