Woodworking and new born

Mon, Dec 13, 2004, 9:29pm snipped-for-privacy@nfoe.com (Wally) needs to know: <snip> or you managed to get a few things done between the kid's naps? The neander way late at night kept your skills sharp until you can fire up the power tools again? <snip>
What you absolutely do NOT want to do is walk around saying, "Shhh, they baby's taking a nap". You do that, then the least little noise is gonna wake the kid up. Believe me. Don't fire the saw up next to the kid's ear while he's sleeping, but don't worry about making normal noises either.
We did the Shhh stuff with the first kid. The second one, we were in the midst of putting the interior in the home place. Lay the kid down on a blanked, then start hammering. Believe me, the kid had no problems at all sleeping.
If you're planning on making a cradle for the kid, I wouldn't. Make a rocking chair instead. The kid outgrows the cradle, it takes up room. Sit in a rocker, rock the kid until he/she goes to sleep, then you can put 'em down anywhere and they'll sleep, then sit back down in the rocker, and rest. And, you'll be able to keep using the rocker, for years and years.
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