Specific saw blade question

I am currently searching for a ripping blade and a double sided laminate blade for my table saw (3hp cabinet model). I was interested to see that Freud had significantly different tooth geometries for the two blades that I was interested in than anyone else. I DAGS and couldn't find anything so I pose the question to the group. Has anyone used the Freud LM74 series ripping blade or the LU97series double sided laminate blade? I'm interested because the LM74 series ripping blade has a 12 degree hook angle with a triple chip grind on the teeth. CMT and everyone else's ripping blades that I looked at use a 20 degree hook angle with a flat top grind on their teeth. The Freud LU97 series for double sided laminate is even stranger it uses a negative 3 degree hook angle with a triple chip grind, everyone else's laminate blades that I looked at use a posative five degree hook angle with a 40 degree top angle on an alternating top bevel grind. The numbers were so different that I wondered if anyone out there had used either or both of those Freud blades and could tell me how they worked. I would be especially interested in anyone who had also used some of the other brands and could compare the two for me. I'm just curious because sometimes different is good and sometimes it's definately not. Thanks in advance for any help. Happy sawdust. BC
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