Sick Delta 37-190 Jointer

I googled and didn't see much on point. My less than 2 year old Delta is not well. Makes a strange noise after starting which gets worse as it runs. Seems to come to an screeching halt rather than winding down when the power is turned off. I know I had a bad time setting this thing up new since the motor shaft was too short to align the drive belt properly but I figured if it was good enough for Delta quality control it was good enough for me and I got it as close as I could.
With the new symptoms, have to wonder if the bearings aren't toast. Haven't torn it down yet since waiting for delivery on new knives (holy crap on that part...typical Delta where if you built it with replacement parts you would spend 10,000 times what the entire machine cost) and thought I would devote an entire day to doing whatever it takes. Machine was working well until recently and not heavy or abusive use.
Anybody have any similar experience?
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