Self Supporting Shelving - Simple, cheap & NO glue, nails or screws

After viewing numerous requests for shelving ideas on this group, I've am sharing my humble solution for a simple shelving system. You must have a wall on the left and right for this "self supporting" shelving to work.
To start all you need is vertical boards (length determined by how high you want the top shelf) and two shelves for each opening (determined by measuring the width from the left wall to the right wall and subtracting for each vertical support.) Two shelves will get the unit self supported, then you can add more shelves as needed. Don't cut shelves for the last opening at this time.
Pick the material of your choice (white or woodgrain melamine works good as long as you don't make the shelves too wide)
On your vertical boards use a router and jig place 1/4" holes along both edges about 1 1/2" apart and from the edge. This must be done on each side of the vertical boards with the exception of the 1st and last vertical board. Don't try to push the router through the entire board, you will get blow out.
INSTALLATION: 1. Placing one vertical board against the right wall. 2. Put in shelf supports 1/3 the way up from the bottom and 1/3 the way down from the top. 3. Do the same on the next vertical board. 4. With someone's help place two shelves between the 1st and 2nd vertical board and hold in place. 5. Place the 3rd and so on vertical boards with two shelves until you get to the last opening. 6. Tightly pushing the vertical boards to the right wall and measure & cut the last two shelves. 7. Install the last two shelves which will hold the entire unit in place. 8. Cut the top shelf to fit on top the vertical boards, wall to wall. 9. Be careful and have plenty of help since this is a house of cards until you get the last shef section in place.
Now you can cut additional shelves as needed, or re-arrange original shelves as long as you always leave 2 shelves between each vertical board.
For an added touch you can place a face frame on the top shelf and each vertical board. By making this frame wider than the boards it keeps the shelves from sliding forward.
Good Luck, Tom
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