REQ: Input for nfilter/NewsProxy v1.2.4

warning: If you check Google or have been around alt.binaries.* for a while, you may have seen a few people spamming complaints about me, often using my nym. If you want to believe them, please just ignore me. In the case of NewsProxy, the source code comes with the app itself, so there should be no doubt that the app is not malicious. If you want to discuss the accusations with me, I'll do so in another newsgroup, not this one.
While I will monitor rec.woodworking for replies, I'd appreciate it if any discussion took place in ~~~ alt.usenet.offline-reader.forte-agent.modified ~~~ where your reply is much more likely to be noticed by me.
I see from the messages in this newsgroup and in Google's newsgroup archives that there are many nfilter users here.
I released NewsProxy v1.2.3 (complete with source code, per the GPL) 14 months ago. It's based on Mark's v1.2.0 code and contains many UI fixes and some code speedups. I've done extensive testing on Windows 2000 myself and I know several people who are using it on Windows XP-SP2. It's available in alt.binaries.freeware on request.
I refer to it as NewsProxy to distinguish it from Mark's original nfilter builds.
My main contribution to v1.2.3 is posting header control. _You_ can control which headers your newsreader sends to a news server and add extra headers without modifying the newsreader itself. Ask for details in alt.usenet.offline-reader.forte-agent.modified since I made a deal with some people who are upset about that feature to leave it out of any documentation and only provide instructions if asked.
Here's the new features in v1.24 (feel free to request more):
1. Header Control Improvements
Done:     The header control commands of v1.2.3 are getting     some additions. First to be added is a "Pass"     command, i.e., pass only the listed headers.
    Pass overrides Block, so using both at the same     time won't cause errors but it's redundant.
    The Extra headers command will now take commas     as separators between headers.
    Triggering header processing can also be done with     a colon instead of $. This is to allow NewsProxy     to control SharkPost 0724EX's headers using the     undocumented $ switch in the X-Comments block.
To do:     Date Header generation, D=TimeZone command     Message-ID Header generation, M=domain command
    Message-ID PKI signature, M=Key-ID command
    The PKI signature may not make it into v1.2.4,     but will definitely show up in a future release.     This will allow forgery detection and end the jamming     problem once and for all.
    Subject line encryption, S=Key-ID, from JBN esub feature     in a future release.
2. Multiple servers
Done:     You will be able to specify different config     files in two ways, either setting the Windows     shortcut to start in a unique working directory     or by passing the config file name on the commandline.     For example, "c:\nps-124\newsproxy.exe" -f"c:\nps-124\altopia.ini"     will use altopia.ini for its configuration.
    Until now, you had to copy the *.exe and put it in a different     directory for each server.
3. Sporge Control
Todo:     Detecting duplicate NNTP-Posting-Host headers will be in this     release as will a means of discriminating between the "real"     author and someone else using the nym.
4. UI
Done:     Always On Top for the dialog will be added.     Dropped Articles dialog now resizable.
Todo:         Different color tray icons depending on state. Red = error.
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