Re: Thought this was a rec.woodworking news group, oopssomeone@som...

Sun, Jan 1, 2006, 8:39pm (EST+5) ( doth burble: Gee still dumb and stupid!~ I don't feel the need to impress anyone here...................or make them feel like losers!
Well, Buttercup, you met your goal.
But Buttercup, you seem to be missing the point. You say you do this, have done that, or can do whatever, but don't back any of it up with any proof. You seem to think we're just going to accept your unverified word. We're not near as stupid as you'd like to think, so believing you ain't gonna happen. You lack credibility. Without credibility, that leaves you as just another dorky troll. But you already know that.
JOAT You'll never get anywhere if you believe what you "hear". What do you "know"? - Granny Weatherwax
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