Re: 12 volt lithium battery drill/impact driver- recommendations

You may want to look at this little impact driver - ( product link shortened)84597306&sr=1-2&keywords=black+and+decker+impact+driver . (Note that Amazon has it listed as the 080I ("I") instead of 0801 ("1") ) It's a new item from Black & Decker, released in Sept.-Oct. I was on a small pre-release test team for it and it was well received. One of the other testers did a pretty good write up about it on the Amazon site. It may suit your needs better than a drill/driver. It takes hex screwdriver and drill bits with a spring-loaded chuck resembling an air hose connector. I can easily manipulate it one-handed. I wouldn't try to to install a deck with it or drive into concrete, but all my screwdrivers have been gathering dust since I got it. I ran screws all the way into SPF 2x6s without pilot holes and into piloted sappy SYP with pilot holes - no problem. Then tried cedar; the screws went in, and stopped when I let go of the trigger. No bumping the trigger or running it out and back in to get it where I wanted it. Its low vibration and weight makes it very easy on the hands and wrist. (I am not afilliated with B&D etc, etc. ...) -Joe

patrick wrote:

I don't think the battery chemestry is going to make that big of a difference Pat. I'd suggest you go with a smaller voltage drill. Big difference in the bulkiness and balance of a 12v drill compared to an 18v. You won't go wrong with any of the name brands for light to medium use. Hell - you won't go wrong with Harbor Freight for light to medium work. And - the price will be a hell of a lot less.
What I've started using more and more - but simply for running in screws, is a little 3.4v driver. It's all the power necessary for most things, is a nimble as can be, weighs nothing at all, and fits in all kinds of small places. I don't have drill bits for mine, but they do make them. You'd have to buy the 1/4" shank bits because it does not have a chuck. But these days - I grab it and only go for my 18v for really tough stuff. This little thing is a winner.
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