OT - Holiday humor

Three guys are killed in a car crash a few days before Christmas, and go to heaven together. Saint Peter meets them at the Pearly Gates and says, "Look, this is the holiday season, I'm going to make it easy on you guys. Show me something that represents Christmas, and I'll let you in."
The first guy steps up, fumbles in his pockets, and comes up with a cigarette lighter. He flicks on the flame and says, "This is a candle". "Very good", says SP, "You're in".
Second guy looks through his pockets, pulls out a set of keys, and starts to jingle them. "These are bells", he says. "Very clever", says SP, "Go ahead in".
Guy #3 pulls a pair of women's panties out of his pocket and holds them up. "What the hell is that all about?", asks SP.
"These are Carol's".
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