a few more nice days :)

felt good to be outside with some sunshine and it
warm enough to raise a sweat when digging and mixing
some wood ashes in a garden so i can get some garlic
planted in there this week.
after that i got back to the ditch/pallet project
and finished getting that ready for the drain tubes
i will pull out of another garden. one project
always is a chain reaction around here... :) i
still have a lot of pallets to deal with, but for
the moment they are not in the way. the large
chunks of concrete i have some nice slabs i can use
for yet another project (next year).
we did get some peppers picked the other day
even if we did have a few hard frosts they were
protected enough by the foliage to not suffer too
much damage. i think those will be turned into
some chili eventually.
tomorrow a good chance of rain so i may either
be breaking up garlic and planting, washing windows
or sorting beans or cleaning up some inside. this
time of the year i'm usually putting off all cleaning
i can because the dust/dirt from beaning, but i
better make a small effort to get some of it off
the floor before i start to hear grumbles from the
management. haha... i'm surprised she hasn't
mentioned it yet actually, when it gets to dust-
bunny stage it begins to bother even me.
just a few beans here or there left to pick as
the hard frosts did finally stop even the plants
i was thinking might have some more tolerance for
frost. well, at least that answered that question.
i hope everyone is having a nice fall season and
able to get ready for the cooler weather.
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Our overnight temperature dipped into the upper 30's the other night with f rost warnings, so I brought all the citrus trees into the greenhouse and my wife took cuttings from the coleus plants out back. The frost didn't get t his far south; our temperatures are more moderate this time of year because we're only a few miles in from the Chesapeake Bay, which is still relative ly warm.
We finally got some rain after a long dry spell. Looks like on-and-off show ers for the next few weeks so I'll have to do any outdoor work on the dry d ays.
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that would be nice to even have a greenhouse but for us here it would cost so much to keep it warm enough that the most i could see it being used for would be a few week season extender on each end and i'm just not looking for any more work by the time the season is done i'm ready for it to be done. :)
it has been fairly wet here this entire season. if we get three days in a row without rain that has been unusual.
i did get the garlic planted this morning after breaking up the bulbs i had. i also shipped a box off to a place that will grow it for distribution to others so i'm hoping they'll be successful in getting it out there. it's a strong garlic that stands up to the cold here without having to baby it at all. even does ok in our mostly clay amended garden soils if i perch it a bit.
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