close to frost weather

might happen tonight.
we've had a nice spell of a few weeks and i sure wouldn't
mind a few more just like this as i can get so much done.
not ready for cold weather yet, but had to turn the heat
on yesterday.
a few bouts of rain stopped me just short of finishing up
a project in the trench so i hope to get back to that later
in the week after a few dry days in a row. still it will
be muddy but mainly i just want to not have to work in a
lot of water with the sump pump running. so close too.
just a few more buckets of mud and about 10rocks i gotta
move out of the way and then i'll be ready for the next
part. good times... :) :) :)
some beans to pick yet, i'll check them today and pick
through what i can bring in.
nothing else to really worry about much other than
getting a few peppers picked and figuring out where i
can plant the garlic.
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