New Delta Bandsaw Part II

The saw comes in a box 17" X 25" X 45", so it fit easily into my wagon. When I got it home I slid the box out and onto the garage floor easily by myself. Upon opening the box everything was very well packaged. The small parts were in a long box that fit snugly from side to side. The base, saw, and motor were bolted/screwed to a particle board base that exactly fit the bottom of the box. After unpacking everything had arrived in fine condition.
The fit and finish are very good and the manual is clear. First you bolt 2 bars across the side of the base. These are the motor mount. Then you bolt on the motor, and attach the cabinet top. Mount the hardware to the cabinet door and mount it. Next the dust chute and DC fitting are bolted on. The dust chute opens directly under the lower wheel and runs over the motor down to the side of the cabinet. Then bolt the saw to the stand. Install the motor pulley, a very nicely machined steel piece, and belt. Then it is the usual struggle to adjust the pulleys to be coplanar and tension the belt. Now you mount the table. Then the switch and wire assembly. The switch box bolts to the frame and the wire is fed into the cabinet through a grommet and it plugs into the short lead from the motor, no wiring needed. Assembly complete.
Since I installed the riser and don't have a blade I'll just have to wait to tune it up. It does run smooth though.
-- Bill Rittner R & B ENTERPRISES
"Don't take this life too seriously.......nobody gets out alive" (Unknown)
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