FS lots of tools 30% hammers and new knives

30%0 Off planes of all sorts. New marking knives and hammers are now available.
made by CHESTER TOOLWORKS LLC and they are made from precision ground 3/32" thick O1 tool steel and are 5/16" wide. Snakewood, East Indian Rosewood, Brazilian Tulipwood, or Gabon Ebony. 44.00 for the snakewood and shipping 39.00 and shipping for the other woods. New plane adjusting hammer
CTW hammers are designed specifically for adjusting the blades and wedges of wooden hand planes and infill hand planes. The polished brass and Lignum Vitae head is weighted toward the brass striking end and is designed so that it won't mar or mushroom the blade like steel hammers. The Lignum end is of a smaller diameter and is used to tap the toe or heel of the plane without leaving dent marks. It should also be the end used for tapping wedges tight since it won't damage the heel of the wedge. Handles are individually shaped from Quartersawn White Ash with the grain oriented to prevent the runout which weakens many other hammer handles. 45.00 plus shipping. New plane idea's
I also have new tools almost ready for beta testing email me if interested. A plow plane a side rabbet plane based on a nice old design and a set of T&G planes.
Knight Toolworks in conjunction with Harrolson at www.japanesetools.com have had these custom made Japanese irons made for western planes. These are the first and only hand forged/laminated Japanese irons that will fit a regular wedged plane. They are 2" wide and 5.25" long and are a bit over " thick. They will drop into any knight Toolworks plane that uses a 2" iron with just a little mouth and wedge adjustment. They are made from blue steel (holds and edge longer then pretty much any tool steel on the market) and wrought iron. I believe these to be the best irons out there over O-1 and A-2 irons. They will hold an edge longer then A-2 they will get sharper they will leave a deeper/cleaner surface and they make the plane easier to use. They will really help with tearout too. They are hand stamped with Shizu Tani (tranquil valley) Shipping is 5.00 including insurance.
All planes now have finger grips and brass set screws to adjust the fit of the iron. Rock maple Purpleheart Cocobolo at an extra cost is also available. Padouk Please check my page for all my planes www.knight-toolworks.com
I also have razee jointers and jack planes and scrubs. http://www.knight-toolworks.com/wooden.htm I have great looking/feeling coffin smoothers
All planes now have setscrews to center the irons in the body and make adjusting the iron easy.
All planes are sanded/planed and finished with a special oil and wax finish.
Knight-Toolworks & Custom Planes
Custom made wooden planes at reasonable prices
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