false glass door muntins

I have glued up 6 cope & stick doors. They are 16" wide and 60" tall and 1" thick. The stiles and rails are about 2 3/4" wide. I used the Freud repositionable bead cutter to join them and now have a bunch of loose inside beads which when micropinned in place will match the bead which will appear on the outside of the door around the glass.
My first step is to glue a bunch of these beads longitudinally back to back so that they' have a two sided muntin pattern either side of which can be coped into the alradey routed outside door beads. I will cut and dry fit these into the glass bead edges while the door glass bead frame is resting over a temporary 3/4 sheet of melamine coated fiberboard--in stead of the glass.
So, I'll be working with 5/16" thick (and about 7/8" wide) made-up false muntins which I can angle cut as needed and apply to the glass with a pattern that will have three X-shaped muntin patterns with or without 2 horizontals between them. Illustration of 1/3 of the face panel follows:
cxxxxxxxxc c xc xc x x x x x x x cc x x x x x x x x x x c x c cxxxxxxxxc
If I miter these into the door stiles, the female parts of the intersections marked c would be inset with mitered dozuki saw cuts. I will do the male mitering on a disc sander.
However, I'd prefer to cope them. Does anyone have experience or router or shaper ideas that would help accompish this with coping instead of mitered joinery?
I think using a router to cope the ends would shred the muntin ends. I suppose I could make up a jig or jigs to lock the ends inside a coping sled made up with a double pattern that would "trap" the muntin in place for routing with against the sled's integral double "backer boards", but other ideas would be welcome.
Also, I think I should use cyanoacrilate, epoxy or perhaps some kind of hot melt glue. Any thoughts on this?
My final step wil be to take the doors off the melamine board, coat the inside of the false muntins with either foam tape or enough acrylic caulk to get sqeeze out,then press the glass into place and razor cut the excess tape or caulk.
Any help or experience with any of this would be appreciated. Thanks.
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