FA: RIDGID Herc-U-Lift/herculift

I must have picked up the last three Herc-U-Lifts in the area. I'm using one on my RIDGID planer, and the other two are up for auction on eBay. They are both new in unopened boxes.
The great thing about the Herc-U-Lift is that with the wheels down you can push the tool in any direction, because all four wheels swivel. When you raise the wheels the tool sits on its own four legs.
They fit RIDGID Belt-Drive Table Saws, Radial Saw, Bandsaw, Wood Lathe, the Universal Benchtop Tool Stand (AC9910) and Selected Craftsman products.
See them at http://cgi.ebay.com/Ridgid-Herc-U-Lift-herculift-Adjustable-Frame-castor - st_W0QQitemZ200054948890QQihZ010QQcategoryZ43593QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1Q QcmdZViewItem
or, if your newsreader chopped up the URL, see http://tinyurl.com/yec42n
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