Silverline windows instead of Milgard

Hi, I am hoping someone can answer if this is worth going to small claims---I bought a new condo in 2003 and its specifications indicated the casement windows were from Milgard which come with a lifetime warranty. 10 years later, I started having problems when the seals failed on 4 of them and the crank handles broke while turning them open and closed. When I contacted a Milgard technician to come repair/replace them (at no cost to me), he determined they were not Milgard. Upon questioning the builder of the unit, he said the windows were Silverline which has no warranty. The builder replaced one window but could not find the replacement parts for the crank handles. Now he is telling me the responsibility for repairing and replacing the product is mine. Should I accept this or is there a case I can bring to small claims court? Feeling really frustrated because the builder (Temple of Madison, WI) has made me wait a long time to get this resolved. Appreciate your input!
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AL of Madison
I'd say you might be screwed. But, the Builder responded under his Warranty. Therefore, he opened the door to being easily, quickly and neatly sued for full replacement of all windows and for even installing defective-from-the-start windows. Knowingly installing ANYTHING without a warranty and violating specification is a LIFETIME defect (you can't trust the rest of the windows) and makes the Builder wholly and directly responsible FOREVER.
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