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OTish: powering multiple laptops from a single source
Hi all I have a use for powering multiple laptops (four to begin with, possibly going higher than that) from a single source, rather than separate power supplies all wired into the mains. I'm thinking...
9 years ago 24
Do they generally use 8mm or 10mm for CH? I assume its the OD that the size refers to? 10 is more normal (yes, it's the OD). I think you could use 8 mm, but obviously there's more resistance. My...
9 years ago 18
Possible to retrofit dry ridge system
The mortar on the ridge tiles on our bungalow is crumbling badly ... now rather than have it remortared, I was wondering how easy/possible it is to fit a dry ridge system. Presumably you start with...
9 years ago 1
This is fascinating.
Someone posted up that real time grid frequency meter. That lead me to the real time carbon figure for electricity generation. Which is 'above average' (just). , because its a blowy day, the wind...
9 years ago 19
"mansion" floor construction
Just reading a news article about the Gatsby mansion being torn down in the states. Which lead me to thinking. These old timber houses did not use steel, just very big timber joists etc, but sometimes...
9 years ago 1
Final question on my hearth - selaer
I've built a hearth out of pammets exactly like these: stove will be going on top. My tiles are very porous, having been acid cleaned. Can anyone recommend a matt sealer for the tiles? thanks Richard
9 years ago
Wondering why all my sockets went off?
Sitting here drinking my coffee about an hour ago, when 'click' the sockets power goes off. There are 4 sockets circuits, 3 each have their own RCBO, one via a separate 100ma time delayed RCD. In a...
9 years ago 6
gate valves - close watertight ?
To complement the information gathering about valves used in plumbing :- Are gate valves supposed to fully isolate or just vary flow ? The obviously close down pretty small but do they close...
9 years ago 7
Cheap Fein clone at Netto this week
(Click on Monday 7th offers, then click through to pages 6-7) =A325. Looks similar to the one I got form Aldi which has proved invaluable on many occasions. Not much experience of Netto's power tool...
9 years ago
Wiki: Plastic curtain rail
Any suggestions for improvement welcome... NT Plastic curtain rails are cheap & easy to fit round curves, but tend to deteriorate over decades, with fixings breaking. This article describes their...
9 years ago 3
Arranging CH pipes and auto-air bleeding
My CH will be a bit of a hassle WRT to airlocks - as I have a solid ground floor so all CH pipes will drop down to rads, the boiler and the cylinder from the first floor (also the roof as it is a...
9 years ago 7
Hello! it appears I have a broken trap on the final exit from my inspection chamber at the mouth of my drive am assuming it should look like this this trap needed nowadays, or would it be OK to (try!)...
9 years ago 14
Fein MultiMaster - old style
The more recent MultiMasters have a QuickIN system to allow rapid changing of the tools. This means that the older, more manual, variety are being discounted. I am considering buying a MultiMaster but...
9 years ago 13
What is this tool called?
Hard to explain. Looks like a screwdriver, but instead of a flat end to the blade, there are two protruding parts, one at either side - or a screwdriver blade with a notch in the middle. Used with...
9 years ago 23
Concrete over a plastic 40mm waste pipe
I'm renovating a bathroom. Taking out some stuff I discover that the 40mm waste from the shower runs under the vanity and bath in a channel in the floor. There's about 75mm from the top of the pipe to...
9 years ago 4