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Dire rewards
Grief, most of the "rewards" offered by YouGov sound more like punishments. In article , says... On 18 Mar, 1st and 2nd I could find something, but 3rd and 4th I'd send back of find a raffle to donate...
9 years ago 7
Fireplace in bedroom
Both the fireplaces in our house were blocked up long before we got here. However OH has drilled a large hole ( dinner plate size) in the bedroom flu / fireplace because a bird got trapped and was...
9 years ago 5
Thank you to all who offered so much guidance and help. Armed with this information I'll be able to sort out my problem. Once again very many thanks. Regardas Jon.
9 years ago
Removing the glass bit from a bulb.
I'm making up some LED replacements for the old car. Can't find ready made ones suitable - so I'm using the SBC base from an old bulb. Any tips on removing the glass other than by breaking it?...
9 years ago 22
RJ45/Satellite/TV faceplate
Anyone know if it's possible to get a single-socket sized faceplate which has these 3 connectors available ? Googling for a few minutes didn't throw anything immediate up. I want to run a network...
9 years ago 10
Soil heating cable
I bought some lengths of this from eBay a few years ago but never got around to using it. I now want to connect it, using an RCD of course, but examining the cable it seems to be just one thin wire...
9 years ago 1
Alpha combi boiler - DHW expansion tank?
I've got an Alpha CB25 combi boiler. Had a bit of hassle with it this morning (pressure in the heating system was down probably due to a leaky radiator which I'll have to find). In doing so I was...
9 years ago 7
Bare plaster, painting with Vinyl Matt. ( Was- look what I found under the wallpaper)
Well I'm down to bare plaster or at least SWMBO is, who did most of the scraping bless her heart. The old plaster, approx 30 yrs old is a little powdery (it comes off white on your hand when rubbed...
9 years ago 4
OT; White Van man
New comedy series; Were you the technical consultant to this production Dave? Bob Probably not- else he'd have asked for advice here first. wood bit to drill into a wall. JGH Because 'television...
9 years ago 37
Lidl DIY stuff
Lidl offers from Thurs 24th March; Planer Angle grinder. Angle grinder stand Cable reel. Digital caliper Riveter Abrasives Diamond sharpening system Yes, saw those - pretty good selection. I don't...
9 years ago 15
totally ot: recommend a forum for nurses
Hi, a nurse friend is having trouble at work, I had a look for a forum today for her, but couldn't find one with heavy traffic, can anyone recommend one? Well the Usenet group is all but dead, but if...
9 years ago 1
The Inspector Calls - Part P
Hi all For anyone interested, I had my first fix kitchen inspection this morning by our BC electrical guy. Very amenable chap, happy to explain stuff 2 or 3 times for "a bear with very little brain"...
9 years ago 31
Burning books
I have a pile of unwanted paperbacks that were included in an eBay job lot. They're in the sort of ratty condition that charity shops don't want and decent copies at 1p fail to sell on eBay and Amazon...
9 years ago 38
PAT testing appliances in an office environment is a total waste of time money and effort.
Discuss! What's "PAT testing" ? Appliances in offices need regular inspection by a competent person to check for the level of damage that is likely in portable appliances. This inspection should be...
9 years ago 20
Plastic Boxes for Cordless Drills, Sanders, etc etc?
I have most of my cordless tools stored in cardboard boxes. I've been unsuccessful - despite contacting manufacturers- to obtain this item in plastic though I'm sure I've seen them somewhere. I'd...
9 years ago 18