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DIY Enthusiasts/DIY Disasters Couples- New Primetime Saturday Night Comedy Show
Hello guys, Don't wanna take up too much space, but thought I'd let you know about a new primetime ITV Saturday night comedy show that I'm working on that needs couples to take part, and at the moment...
9 years ago 53
Parts Washers
I intend to set up a parts washer to deal with assorted filthy car bits. Any tips from those who have bought, made, or used one? In particular, there seem to be several approaches in regard to the...
9 years ago 5
Nokia chargers
Hi all many of you will know the cheap & cheerful Ikea 'Gorm' wooden shelving, useful for garage storage etc. IIRC Ikea changed the design of this some years ago - the newer stuff is significantly...
9 years ago 36
Stop heydon windfrm..
for whoever it was that was intersted We were somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, when the drugs began to take hold. I remember The Natural Philosopher saying something like: "It is...
9 years ago 103
Removing radiators for re-decoration
We have some decorators in, doing a few rooms. They want the radiators off the walls. When I've removed rads before, I've always replaces them fairly soon afterwards, so the 'down time' is minimal....
9 years ago 18
Who was looking for waterproof rigger boots?
Saw these in Wickes today like just what whoever it was was after.
9 years ago
Blowing bulbs
We get through light bulbs like they are going out of fashion. Have done for years. I've always put this down to us having a sub station at the end of the cul-de-sac and regularly getting 250 volts...
9 years ago 11
Bl**dy Vodaphone
Just an update. After my last visit to the Tooting shop they said it would be resolved in a couple of days. Some hopes. So a week later I phoned the help line again. Speak to a very nice Scots lass...
9 years ago 5
For the turbine skeptics
Mark Buchanan has an article in New Scientist 2 April p8 which raises questions about the availability of flow energy and the possible bad effects of extracting a lot of it. Links? you my friend....
9 years ago 18
Fitting a car stereo
Is it an easy job? Or is it worth paying £25 for the guys from Halfords to fit it for me? thanks Ian How long is peice of string? Depends if the radio is standard size, that car has a standard...
9 years ago 15
Finding mains wiring inside walls
I need a way of tracing wires inside exterior walls and celings. The walls have timber frames wih plasterboard (i.e. with a cardboard surface and a gypsum core) on the inside, polystyrene foam...
9 years ago 7
Gas cooker bayonet fitting - how hard is it to get the right angle?
To forestall any thoughts that I might be talking about doing this myself, I'm not. So it's OT, but I'm sure someone here will know: While we had some friends staying in our flat, the gas cooker was...
9 years ago 4
Garden Shed Build
Hi I am thinking of building a Brick garden shed. location is approx 20 metres from any building. looking to build size approx 4m x 3m. IS there any reason why I can not build a brick shed ...? ie has...
9 years ago 13
Duel Heat Towel Rail install
HI I have installed a duel fuel heated towel rail in the bathroom. Works great on CH.. (combi boiler) now need to wire it for summer use !! Need advice; Electric cable from radiator goes through wall...
9 years ago 7
Lead acid repair
I expect to be disassembling some SLAs very soon to rebuild, since I can't get what I'm looking for commercially. Any tips on case disassembly with SLAs? Or on minimum plate thickness for SLAs that...
9 years ago 15