Where to get 2" x 3" x 3.5m wood from in Coventry? Where's cheapest

Just a general enquiry I need some wood to increase the thickness of
the joists in my loft after putting a loft hatch in.
I would normally pop down to bnQ but I get the feeling maybe they
aren't very cheap generally?
Only other options would be Jewsons or homebase - I think Jewsons may
have a trade yard, would that be cheaper? if so are we talking pennies
or 1/2 the price? Can I turn up and buy stuff there?
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405 TD Estate
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I'd get tannilised (impregnated to prevent rot, etc) construction grade stuff which will mean a decent timber yard. The sheds sell basically rubbish.
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Dave Plowman (News)
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Not sure on the price difference but at least with Jewsons there would be a chance that it would be straight.
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Not sure that I would agree with you on that - at least in the big BnQ's you can select the pieces that are straight and shake free Often if you go as a hobbyist to the wood yards, you just get what you're given. I've had no bother with the timber from BnQ - I can select each piece, the price is perfectly OK and for me it's nearby.
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I think the problem the sheds have with timber is they don't have a suitable place to store it i.e. outdoors but under cover, with the height to stock anything over 2.4m.
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Stuart Noble

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