Stopping internal doors banging

I have a problem with some of the internal doors in my house in that the
glass panelled ones bang rather loudly when shut.
Can someone tell me where I can get some clear self adhesive rubber or
somesuch pads - that I can place in the corners of the door frames so
there is a bit of cushioning?
Note that I really want small clear pads so they are barely visible
against danish oiled oak frames.
Have tried B&Q etc with no joy, though that could be because I am looking
in the wrong place or the ever so helpfull and plentifull staff are clueless.
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Tie a piece of soft rope of a suitable size between the door handle on either side so that it goes loosely across the door edge. The door will not shut until you press it hard and compress the rope.
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Oh - I like that!
Switching off now and going to hall door - which is conveniently close to the string store :-)
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Mary Fisher
Why can't the door be shut quietly? Is there a problem with the door or hinges 'binding', the door rubbing any of the doorstops or with the lock receiver resulting in extra force having to be applied to close the door?
If there are problems, then these should be eradicated first and will solve the problem.
If it's just someone being 'heavy-handed' in closing the door, then re-educate him/her/them!
You need to be careful on any 'patch' cushioning where glass is used. If this is not properly done, then stresses will be imparted into the glass when the door 'bends' against the cushion causing breakage and possible injury.
Brian G
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Brian G
In message , P.A.Osborne writes
A Buddhist would see such doors as being very strict - requiring one to be mindful of the way to use them appropriately.
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The /BIG/ B&Q shops sell little dampers that are intended for kitchen cupboard doors. They can be fitted in a 5mm hole, IIRC. A couple of them would do the job nicely.
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