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Someone in the office just posted this to me - I thought it
sufficiently on-topic to be amusing here. Apologies if it's last
week's chip paper.
This story was related by Pat Routledge of Winnepeg, Ontrario about a
repair call he handled while living in England.
It's common practice in England to ring a telephone by signaling extra
voltage across one side of the two wire circuit and ground (earth in
England). When the subscriber answers the phone, it switches to the
two wire circuit for the conversation. This method allows two parties
on the same line to be signalled without disturbing each other.
Anyway, an elderly lady with several pets called to say that her
telephone failed to ring when her friends called; and that on the few
occasions when it did ring her dog always barked first. Pat proceeded
to the scene, curious to see this psychic dog.
He climbed a nearby telephone pole, hooked in his test set, and dialed
the subscriber's house. The phone didn't ring. He tried again. The
dog barked loudly, followed by a ringing telephone.
Climbing down from the pole, Pat found:
a. A dog was tied to the telephone system's ground post via an iron
chain and collar.
b. The dog was receiving 90 volts of signalling current.
c. After several such jolts, the dog would start barking and urinating
on the ground.
d. The wet ground now completed the circuit and the phone would ring.
Which shows that you that some problems can be fixed by just pissing
on them.
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... and you tell kids today, and they WON'T believe you
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In message , "Dave Plowman (News)" writes
A friend of mine on the Wirral had one of these years ago, he wired an extension to his line into his workshop. Not realising how it worked he just earthed one side of the pair to initiate a call, unfortunately it was the side that set the other parties meter running, he had a visit from the GPO to explain the facts of life and signalling to him.
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